Posts made in January, 2006


Overtime Considered Harmful

I recently read the book Slack: Getting Past Burnout, Busywork, and the Myth of Total Efficiency. My previous post on Working Smarter, Not Harder already discussed the main premise of the book. However, DeMarco writes compelling arguments on other issues, one of which is overtime. Much analysis has been done to determine the correlation between […]

Working Smarter, Not Harder

I have always been fond of the phrase ‘work smarter, not harder’, so I enjoyed my recent read of the book Slack: Getting Past Burnout, Busywork, and the Myth of Total Efficiency by Tom DeMarco. The main premise of the book is that being 100% busy (totally efficient) provides no capacity for dealing with change. […]

Local Variable Declarations

When coding in Java, I prefer to declare local variables at their point of use. On a recent project, I have encountered developers who have been taught in their computing science course(s) to put local variable declarations at the start of the method (when using Java). Back in the days of C this was a […]

Running WordPress 2.0 under IIS

WordPress is the blogging / content management software I use to run this site. WordPress was designed to run under the Apache web server. However, the hosting company for my website uses Microsoft’s IIS web server to serve most content, including PHP files which WordPress uses. Setting up WordPress to work under IIS was non-trivial, […]

What is Professional Software Development?

My website and blog are about software development, so the title I picked for my website is Professional Software Development. Why did I add the word “Professional”, and what does it mean to me? I’m glad you asked. The term software development is mostly self-explanatory. I call myself a software developer. Some people think this […]