Posts made in June, 2006


Digital Disaster: Preparing for a Hard Drive Crash

Digital data is growing in importance not just in the workplace, but also at home. We correspond by email, take digital pictures and videos, and maintain digital music collections. All this valuable digital content and more is stored on your computer’s hard drive. Hard drives are delicate mechanical devices with a finite lifespan. A quick […]

My Defect Fixing Process

What’s your process for fixing a defect? What do you do when you are informed that a feature you developed isn’t working to the users’ satisfaction, or even worse fails to work at all? Here’s what I do. Initial investigation. My goal is to reproduce the reported problem in the application in my development environment. […]

Two Types of Time in Project Schedules

My article on Understanding Project Schedules discussed four factors of project schedules: time, resources, scope, and quality. Time is often the factor of greatest interest to project stakeholders such as customers or management. They often ask when the project will be finished. I refer to this as elapsed time – the passage of days on […]

Personal Learning via Reading Books

My previous article on online reading described how I use online resources for personal learning. Online articles are usually short and provide only shallow coverage of a topic. To delve deeply into a subject, I find that books are much more effective. Books are easier to read than a computer screen, and can be read […]

Personal Learning via Online Reading

As I wrote previously in my article on Personal Learning, one of my goals is to stay abreast of new technologies, trends and other changes in our industry. Since this information is often published online, I just need to read the websites providing this information. I want to use my time as effectively as possible: […]