Posts made in August, 2006


Advanced Uses of Java 5 Enums

Enumerated types – called enums for short – were introduced to the Java language recently in version 5 (the version after 1.4). The name essentially defines what they are: a type that has a fixed set of constant values. The Java Sun website has a good tutorial on using enums which covers their basic capabilities. […]

Is Ethical Consulting Possible?

Integrity and ethics are important components of being a professional. In today’s business environment it is not uncommon for ethically-challenging issues to arise. When working as a consultant, however, the very nature of the engagement can strain even the most seasoned professional. I am not talking about the kind of consulting where the consultant is […]

How to Achieve Peak Performance

Being a professional at the top of your field means being able to consistently perform at a high level. Those underneath may have the same knowledge and abilities, but if they cannot apply them consistently, then they will never rise to the top. This is true across a diverse collection of activities including athletics, photography, […]

My Vision for IT

I’ve recently updated my vision for this website, which I’ll restate here: Help software developers learn and grow as professionals. Increase the level of professionalism in the IT industry. Make the IT industry a more enjoyable and rewarding field to work in. Why did I create a vision statement for my website? When I started […]

Examples of Root Cause Analysis

This article is a continuation of my previous article on how to do root cause analysis . As I promised, this article provides examples of root cause analysis being performed. A famous example of root cause analysis is the presidential commission’s inquiry into the 1986 US Challenger space shuttle explosion, particularly the observations of Nobel […]