Posts made in November, 2006


Assembling a Free Development Tool Set

In my article on personal learning by doing, I wrote about the importance of personal development projects for professional development and mentioned that I maintain a complete development environment at home assembled from free, open-source tools. In this article I present the tools that I use and find the most valuable, focused particularly on Java […]

Are You a Rule Maker or a Rule Breaker?

In order to work effectively with coworkers and clients, you need to understand their viewpoint. Over the last few years, I have discovered that a person’s approach to rules such as processes or standards is an important element in understanding and predicting how they will operate in the workplace. One reason this is a useful […]

ICE Conference Highlights

I recently attended two seminars at the ICE 2006 Technology Conference in Edmonton thanks to my employer CGI. I enjoyed both presentations and regret not attending more. I was able to pull some useful tips and ideas from each seminar that resonated with me. The first session was Lessons for Risk Management Taken from the […]

Best of the Web – November 2006

As I described in my article on personal learning via online reading, I am an avid reader both online and off. I wanted to share some of the great material that I have encountered on the web over the last year. In no particular order… Everything You Know Will Be Obsolete in Five Years by […]

Crunch Mode

I have recently experienced two episodes of ‘crunch mode’ – the flurry of activity prior to deploying new functionality into production. The crunch happens because there is insufficient time to do everything that needs to be done. To compensate, people work longer or take shortcuts like skipping thorough testing. The result is often a higher […]