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My Vision for IT

I've recently updated my vision for this website, which I'll restate here:

  • Help software developers learn and grow as professionals.
  • Increase the level of professionalism in the IT industry.
  • Make the IT industry a more enjoyable and rewarding field to work in.

Why did I create a vision statement for my website? When I started my website I created a list of goals, most of which haven't actually changed. As I worked on this site, I came to realize that my motivation and passion for it are based on something more fundamental than what was expressed by these goals. After reflecting on this, I developed the three statements in my vision above. Looking at my past articles, I see that many if not all of them do speak directly to my vision, so I know is an accurate reflection of myself.

It was a surprisingly difficult process to write this vision statement. It may appear simple to you, but I put a lot of thought into those three sentences above. I wanted to truly capture my passion and motivation and express it in as succinct a form as possible. I had originally aimed for a single sentence, but I had to settle for three. As I came to the end of this process, I realized that while my vision was very meaningful to myself, it may not be as meaningful to others. So part of the purpose of this article is to more fully explain my vision.

My vision as stated above isn't actually limited just to this website but applies to everything I do related to IT: specifically, my full-time job as a software developer. Only a few of you reading my website have worked with me, but I hope that those of you who have will agree that my daily activities and attitude have reflected my vision. This vision of mine is in large part a vision of what software development and the IT industry in general has the potential to be. Some specific examples of my vision for IT are:

  • Producing software that works, meets users' requirements, and is usable - software that delights the users and that is actually used.
  • Carefully designed and coded software that is properly evolved over time, instead of the typical big ball of mud.
  • Realistic schedules and meaningful deadlines.
  • A professional work environment. No more extended, unpaid (and unproductive) overtime.

I know what I describe is an ideal far removed from current reality. But if you just accept the status-quo, then you have doomed yourself to remaining in it. Envisioning small improvements might be more realistic, but isn't very inspiring. My vision for IT motivates me and reflects my passion because it does aim so high. I can accept falling short of my vision due to reality, but I can't accept not trying to achieve it.

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