Posts made in April, 2007


A Tale of Bad Exception Handling in Finally Blocks in Java

There is always something more to learn. That was the lesson for me last week when I learned something new about the Java programming language, despite having used professionally it for almost 10 years. I was upgrading a Java web application to WebSphere server version 6.1 and as the first step I switched the development […]

Are You Doing Enough Coding?

My previous article discussed the question how much do you code?. After thinking more about this, I realized that a more important question is whether you are doing enough coding. How much is enough versus too little? This depends on the reasons why you code. For myself, I can think of several reasons why I […]

EnvGen Version 1.1 Available

I have just released version 1.1 of EnvGen. It is available for download from my Software page. I have fixed a defect preventing it from working under Java version 1.4, and I have added support for comments and blank lines to the properties CSV spreadsheet file. EnvGen is an Ant task for generating different versions […]