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EnvGen Version 1.2 Available

I have just released version 1.2 of EnvGen. It is available for download from my Software page. The major changes in this release include the following:

  • Upgraded to FreeMarker 2.3.10
  • Fixed a defect: the use of FreeMarker's <#include> directive did not work when including files in other directories. The <#include> directive now can be used to include any file within the same fileset. The file path you specify must be relative to the fileset base directory.
  • Added the diffToUpdate attribute to make it easier to use FreeMarker's <#include> directive.

EnvGen is an Ant task for generating different versions of the same file parameterized for different environments (i.e. development, test, and production). You can read more about EnvGen in the EnvGen Release Documentation.

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