Posts made in February, 2008


Hibernate and Logging

Hibernate tries to hide the details of dealing with relational databases, but it is at best a leaky abstraction. At its most basic level, Hibernate is a framework that issues SQL commands to the database. Sometimes it does not do what you would expect or want (more on that in future articles). Therefore it is […]

Hibernate Tips and Tricks

Hibernate is a de facto standard for object-relational mapping. One of my recent projects involved the use of the latest version of Hibernate (3.2). Since I had not used Hibernate since its version 2 days, I picked up the authoritative reference Java Persistence with Hibernate which is co-authored by Gavin King, the founder of Hibernate. […]

How to Handle Null Values in Code

One fairly common coding style I have seen from more experienced developers is what I will call highly-aggressive null checking. Such developers have most likely been burned by null pointer exceptions in the past and hence have evolved a style of coding which confirms that parameters or fields are non-null before using them. The code […]