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Resume Calculator

I have added a new software utility called Resume Calculator to my Software page. Resume Calculator reads resumes in XML format and calculates the total months and years of experience across specified resume entries. This is useful for responding to formal requests for proposal that require named resources to specify years of experience across various categories.

Using Resume Calculator

Resume Calculator is a Java program that is executed on the command-line. A sample resume file is listed below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<resume name="Foo Bar">
    <entry id="1" summary="Zoo Project" interval="2006-2007"/>
    <entry id="2" summary="Team Yak" interval="May, 2007 - Present"/>
    <entry id="Baz Project" summary="Team Lead for Baz" interval="Jan, 2008 - Mar, 2008"/>

Executing Resume Calculator against this file to calculate the duration of entries "1" and "Baz Project" produces the following output:

Resume Calculator
Copyright 2008 by Basil Vandegriend.  All rights reserved.

Executed on: 8-Dec-2008 6:29:45 AM
Working directory: C:\Dev\Java\ResumeCalculator\dist\release\example

Using resume "C:\Dev\Java\ResumeCalculator\dist\release\example\sampleResume.xml".
Calculating for "Foo Bar" the duration of the resume entries:
1: Zoo Project
Baz Project: Team Lead for Baz
Duration is 14.0 months or 1.2 years.

Finished execution successfully.

More details on how to use Resume Calculator and the full format of the XML file are specified in the user manual included with the distribution.

Technical Details

Resume Calculator uses JAXB for parsing XML (which I just wrote about). I used the Joda Time library for manipulating dates – it is far superior to the standard Java classes. The Joda library, however, does not include logic for calculating the duration of multiple intervals of time so I had to code that functionality myself. This proved to be an interesting algorithm to write – thank goodness for unit tests. The source code for Resume Calculator is included in the distribution if you want to learn more.

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