Posts made in February, 2009


Website Changes

I have rolled out a few changes to this website over the last few days: The feed for the site now is run through FeedBurner. I switched to FeedBurner primarily because of the better tracking it provides of subscriber and feed click-through numbers. I am also debating switching to a full feed instead of the […]

100 Interview Questions to Ask Employers

The interview process should ideally be an equal, two-way conversation between the interviewers for an employer and a potential employee. However, speaking as someone who has sat on both sides of the table, it has always seemed to me to be imbalanced towards the interviewers. They control the process and ask far more questions than […]

Time Reporter Version 2.0 Available

I have just released version 2.0 of my Time Reporter utility. It is available for download from my Software page. The major change in this release is added support for aggregated reporting across different task categories, which I call rollup groups. This required expanding the categories of types to three: base tasks, rollup tasks, and […]