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Evolving my Vision and Mission

If you are a regular reader you may have noticed that I use guiding statements like a vision or mission to motivate and inspire myself and clarify my future direction. The following articles contain some of my past efforts:

I recently drafted new vision and mission statements for the professional side of my life. While these statements significantly reuse my past efforts, I have also incorporated different elements that reflect new understandings or shifts in my thinking. This recent process has emphasized for me that I will never have a "final" vision or mission - these statements need to evolve (continuously improve :) to continue to reflect who I am and want to be. More mundanely, I am not satisfied with the current form of the statements: I think they can be made more concise and fluid. Writing these statements feels more like writing poetry than writing prose, and I am not a poet.

I have never clearly understood the difference between vision and mission statements. Years of reading bland, uninspiring corporate statements has probably not helped. I originally was planning to only draft a mission statement, but I discovered as I proceeded that I had two versions: one more concise but abstract, and the other more specific, containing phrases important to me that did not fit into the first version. Both statements resonated with me, so the former became my vision statement and the latter my mission statement. As a result, my mission statement is an expansion of my vision statement that makes it more concrete and more actionable. I may not have followed the textbook definition of vision and mission statements, but that does not matter. What is important is that these statements are meaningful to me.

Without further ado, here are my new vision and mission statements.

My professional vision is to:

Create great software that makes a difference.
Pursue mastery in the field of software development.
Inspire others to do the same.

My professional mission is to:

Create and inspire others to create
working software that is being used and meeting users' needs
through the disciplined application
of effective software development practices
and to continuously improve and grow in my ability to do this.

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2 Comments on “Evolving my Vision and Mission”

  1. alepuzio says:

    In my opinion the professional vision is meaning “How to you see your job sector and your person in the working society” and the professional mission is responding to question “Where is your place in the working society? What are your competences that put you in a satisfactory position, satisfactory for you and for the people?” .
    I agree with both your statement.

  2. Jorge E. G-W says:

    I think most people have contributed to the confusion of what is a vision and what is a mission–Because of our tendency to add to many “meanings”, we make more complex. If we understand the difference b/t philosophy and theory, we’ll undesratand vision/mission: A vision is the ultimate purpose; the philosophy;the dream; the what should be. The mission is the objective and practical realization realization of the vision; the what is or will become; the what is measuable and describable and finite…

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