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Website Changes

I have rolled out a few changes to this website over the last few days:

  • The feed for the site now is run through FeedBurner. I switched to FeedBurner primarily because of the better tracking it provides of subscriber and feed click-through numbers. I am also debating switching to a full feed instead of the excerpts that the feed is currently limited to - leave a comment below if you have a preference on this.
  • I tweaked the site layout / design. I removed a number of graphics elements from the sidebar and below the post, simplified the design of the navigation bar, reordered the items on the sidebar, and set a maximum width on the website content to avoid it stretching excessively horizontally on large wide-screen monitors like the one I'm typing this on now. I think the redesign makes the site look more professional and a little more functional - let me know via the comments below what you think.
  • I removed as many extraneous javascript libraries and graphics as possible to reduce page load times. This was inspired partly by Jeff Atwood's article Speed Still Matters. This produced only slight improvements that I believe would only be noticeable to first time visitors. I suspect a better strategy would be to cache static versions of the pages to avoid the overhead of WordPress rendering each page on each visit. I know there are plugins to do this, but people have experienced problems with them and I have not ranked this a high enough priority to look into further. Submit my articles to Digg or Slashdot and that priority would likely change. :)
  • I have tested the new configuration fairly carefully as part of the roll-out so I do not expect anyone to experience problems, but if you do please let me know via the comments below.

    March, 2009 Update: One totally-unanticipated but very welcomed benefit of these changes was a significant boost to my ad income due to a boost to my eCPM.

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One Comment on “Website Changes”

  1. Mike says:

    As one that reads your blog via Google Reader, full feed would be great!

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