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Personal Learning by Doing

As part of my series on personal learning, I’ve previously written about learning via online reading and reading books. Reading websites and books is a good strategy for gaining knowledge, but works poorly for gaining skill at doing something. Your ability to retain the information you read is also greatly increased when you actively use […]

Personal Learning via Reading Books

My previous article on online reading described how I use online resources for personal learning. Online articles are usually short and provide only shallow coverage of a topic. To delve deeply into a subject, I find that books are much more effective. Books are easier to read than a computer screen, and can be read […]

Personal Learning via Online Reading

As I wrote previously in my article on Personal Learning, one of my goals is to stay abreast of new technologies, trends and other changes in our industry. Since this information is often published online, I just need to read the websites providing this information. I want to use my time as effectively as possible: […]

Personal Learning

My prior article on Learning in the Workplace discussed how to take advantage of learning opportunities at work. However much you learn at work, there are limitations on what you can do. Seldom do you have free reign to study any topic that catches your interest for as long as you want. This is why […]

Continuous Improvement

After writing my article on Perpetual Learning, I came across the same concept in the book Core Performance Essentials by Mark Verstegen and Pete Williams (a fitness and nutrition book). To quote from the book: “It’s like the Japanese concept of Kaizen, which we translate in this country as ‘continuous improvement’. In America, we tend […]

Learning in the Workplace

As I discussed in my earlier article on Perpetual Learning, I think it is important as a professional to always be growing and learning. If you work full-time, you’ll have less time to spend learning at home, especially if you have other demands on your personal time (i.e. family). So you need to be able […]

Perpetual Learning

As I stated in my article on What is Professional Software Development one characteristic of professionals is growth: they are constantly seeking to improve and grow. This is especially important in the software field due to the rapid change brought on by the constant introduction of new versions of existing technologies and completely new technologies […]

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