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Defect Prevention Practices

I have written numerous times about defect elimination practices such as code reviews, unit testing, and static code analysis tools. From the perspective of lean thinking, however, eliminating defects, no matter how soon after they are introduced, results in waste due to rework to fix the defects. The ideal as far as lean is concerned […]

Using To Do Comments in Code

I am a big proponent of using to do comments – comments prefixed by a specific identifier such as “TODO” – in a code base to indicate outstanding tasks or issues with the code. I have encountered developers who are either unfamiliar with the practice or who do not follow it as deliberately as I […]

A Tale of Bad Exception Handling in Finally Blocks in Java

There is always something more to learn. That was the lesson for me last week when I learned something new about the Java programming language, despite having used professionally it for almost 10 years. I was upgrading a Java web application to WebSphere server version 6.1 and as the first step I switched the development […]

Local Variable Declarations

When coding in Java, I prefer to declare local variables at their point of use. On a recent project, I have encountered developers who have been taught in their computing science course(s) to put local variable declarations at the start of the method (when using Java). Back in the days of C this was a […]