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Errors Errors Everywhere

If you are a software developer and have not maintained operational applications with real users hammering away at it, then you are missing some important lessons. You might not fully appreciate the operational challenges facing the maintenance and support team, particularly when the software in question is suffering in the areas of reliability, performance, or […]

A Tale of Bad Exception Handling in Finally Blocks in Java

There is always something more to learn. That was the lesson for me last week when I learned something new about the Java programming language, despite having used professionally it for almost 10 years. I was upgrading a Java web application to WebSphere server version 6.1 and as the first step I switched the development […]

Error Handling and Reliability

I have been thinking a lot lately about how to create reliable systems. I previously examined the link between complexity and reliability. Recently, however, I have come to appreciate the impact of error handling on reliability. For the purposes of this discussion, I consider two aspects of reliability: correctness – does the application produce the […]

Lessons Learned in 2006

As a proponent of perpetual learning, I like to periodically take the time to reflect on what I have learned. Looking back at this past year, I definitely expanded my understanding in a number of areas based on my experiences at work and at home. My most significant growth was in the area of personal […]

Fail Fast or Degrade Gracefully?

There are two approaches to handling internal application errors. In the fail fast approach you immediately terminate the operation (or even the application) once an error is detected. In the degrade gracefully approach you try to continue with as much of the operation as you can. For quite a while I have been a firm […]