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Lean Lessons From Starcraft 2

The real-time strategy computer game Starcraft 2 is about economic production as much as it is about combat. One of the major trade-offs within the game is allocating resources between economic production, combat unit production, improving technology / upgrades, and combat units. The ‘macro’ style of play in particular places a heavy focus on maximizing […]

Expertise in Starcraft 2

I have previously written about how to become an expert developer based on the general principles of expertise presented in the book Talent Is Overrated by Geoff Colvin. I recently have had the opportunity to appreciate the nature of expertise in a different context after picking up the real-time strategy game Starcraft 2 created by […]

A Great Game: The Battle for Wesnoth

Happy Holidays! To match the festive mood this week, I thought I would write a lighter article about a great game I came across a while ago called The Battle for Wesnoth. It is a turn-based strategy fantasy game that offers compelling tactical and strategic choices with a wide variety of scenarios and content. Best […]