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Inspiring Great Design

I recently acquired a design tool – a set of IDEO method cards, where each card presents a design approach or a method of gaining inspiration. IDEO’s design philosophy is to keep people at the center of the design process, and the four categories they divide the cards into reflect this: Ask people to help. […]

Organizing Information: Using Tags versus Categories

I recently upgraded WordPress – the software that runs this site – to version 2.3. New in this latest version is support for tags. Each post can be associated with any number of keywords or key phrases called tags, and navigation elements can be added to display the set of tags. Probably the most commonly […]

Website Changes and the Value of Feedback

I recently had an experience that reinforced for me the value of seeking feedback. When I first started creating my website, I invested much time and energy into developing the look and feel. When I finally launched, I was quite pleased with my work. But I didn’t let that deter me from making improvements. A […]

Why Blogs are Popular

On the surface, a blog appears to be nothing more than a personal website, and those have been around since the web started. So why has blogging exploded in the last six years? I think the reason can be summarized in two words: usability and community. Blogging software is typically used to create blogs. Once […]